5 tips to help you identify your ideal wedding videographer

Source: Momentold, Wedding Videography Singapore 

Engaging a wedding videographer for your big day should not be just about documenting the day because anyone with a camera in hand can do that. If you plan to appoint a wedding videographer, his or her job is to capture the moments and use them meaningfully to create an personal wedding film that enables you and your partner to relive this once-in-a-lifetime event.

To help you find your ideal wedding videographer, we list down five things you should consider:

1. Know the wedding videography style you like

Screengrab from Jonathan and Ferlyn’s wedding (Source: Momentold, Wedding Videography Singapore)

Different wedding videographers have different ways of interpreting every wedding event even if the sequence of events for weddings are similar. Some prefer to focus on the glamour of the day, some prefer to focus on the funny moments, while others prefer to strike a balance.

Your choice should really depend on your ideology of having a wedding video – to showcase the most glamorous moments, to capture the different emotions and conversations shared on this special day or simply to entertain your guests. Once you have figured this out, shortlisting your wedding videographers can become much easier.

2. It’s not always about the price

Screengrab from Larry and Pamela’s wedding (Source: Momentold, Wedding Videography Singapore)

While it is wise to set aside budget for your big day, you probably should not eliminate your options solely based on the quoted price. Other factors you need to consider include the quality of the videos, the reputation of the wedding videographer, the offered package as a whole and other possible hidden costs. You don’t want to end up paying for a service or product that you don’t like, even if it is the cheapest option.

Another factor you may want to consider is the number of videographers assigned to you. Because it is impossible to retake some moments at a wedding event such as the march-in and the solemnisation, having an additional videographer helps to cover an additional angle which will make the wedding film more complete and beautiful. Two is better than one in this case.

3. A long video may not be a good video

Source: Momentold, Wedding Videography Singapore 

The length of the video is one of the least important factors to consider when searching for wedding videography services. We are not saying that a ridiculously short video is acceptable, but you probably don’t want a long and draggy wedding video that becomes a pain to watch either. The key is to capture the important moments of your big day and translate them meaningfully in the video so you are compelled to watch it over and over again.

4. Meet up with the wedding videographer

Photo with newly-weds, Wyman and Javine (Photo by Kimnshin)

Meeting up provides a great opportunity for you to better understand the style of the wedding videographer and the packages offered. You should also run through the line-up of your wedding day with the videographer and list your expectations, for instance, the key events you want the wedding videographer to capture. Good chemistry will make filming on the actual day less awkward, so meeting up also gives you the chance to gauge how well you hit off with the wedding videographer!

5. Give your wedding videographer the flexibility to be creative

Screengrab from Johnson & Trish pre-wedding (Source: Momentold, Wedding Videography Singapore)

Film-making is after all a creative business. It is important you trust the wedding videographer you have engaged and give him or her some room for creativity so he or she can create a differentiated wedding video just for you!

Momentold Productions is a wedding videography business based in Singapore. With more than five years of videography experience in the wedding industry, we hope to share our observations with couples who are planning for their big day.

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