Less common wedding practices to consider for your big day (Part I)

September 11, 2017

Part I – Have just one stunning march-in

For most ladies, your wedding day is almost like a fairytale come true.

It’s the day you get to dress like a princess, walk down the aisle like a celebrity making your grand entrance to the Grammys and then live happily ever after with your prince charming.

Bridal studios in Singapore make it even better by including multiple outfits in their wedding packages so you get to experience different looks on your special day, and wedding planners weave in two march-ins for you to showcase your different million dollar looks.

No doubt we all want to make the most out of this once in a lifetime occasion but as the host, you probably also want to dedicate enough time for your guests who shifted their weekend plans, took leave or even travelled across borders just to attend your wedding. And the effort needed to change into a second look can be rather time-consuming for a short three-hour event.

Source: Momentold Productions, Wedding Videography Singapore 

What we find worked really well with weddings are couples who chose to make only one grand entrance in the outfit they find most flattering. Doing that gives them ample time to interact with their guests throughout the event, and to show their appreciation to the guests personally which we think makes the wedding event a whole lot more intimate and meaningful.

Having more time to be present at the event (instead of the changing room) also creates more photo and video opportunities and therefore more memories of the wedding day for you to keep.

What’s more? You will get enjoy all the food you have paid so much for!

As far as we know, there is no special significance to a second march-in. So something for you to consider as you plan out your big day!

Momentold Productions is a wedding videography business based in Singapore. With more than five years of videography experience in the wedding industry, we hope to share our observations with couples who are planning for their big day.

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