Less common wedding practices to consider for your big day

Part III – Have your family and friends share their story of you

Source: Momentold Productions, Wedding Videography Singapore 

How often do you get to hear what the people closest to you have to say about you – how are you as a friend or a sibling, how would they define their relationship with you and how much they love you for who you are?

Probably not frequently. One of the few times you actually hear from them is probably at their weddings when the newly-weds address the guests with a thank you speech and you happen to be mentioned.

Showing appreciation to your family and friends on your wedding day is a given for us, but what couples often miss out is that your wedding is also a wonderful platform for you to hear about yourselves from your family and friends. It’s your big day after all.

Source: Momentold Productions, Wedding Videography Singapore

In fact, the most heartwarming weddings we have attended are the ones where a family member or a close friend is invited to share about the couple. It is also through such sharing that your guests learn a little more about you. For example, your relatives may not know the side of you when you are with your friends and vice versa. It also affirms your character when you see your guests nodding in agreement when what is being shared resonates with them.

At the end of the day, your guests will go home not only with a filled belly but also a better understanding of you which can go a long way.

To summarise the three-part article, these are our tips to creating an intimate and heartwarming wedding:

  • Everyone likes love stories. Share your love story with your guests.
  • Set aside enough time to mingle with your guests.
  • In addition to your thank you speeches, appoint a best man and maid-of-honour to share a few words. A three to five minute sharing would be ideal.

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