June 1, 2017

Why we think you should write your own wedding vows

We all want our wedding to be special, different from the rest. In order to achieve that, we commit a lot of our time and effort searching for the perfect venue, customising a wedding gown and even DIY-ing all the wedding decorations.

While these are important elements that make a beautiful wedding, couples sometimes miss out what we think is the key differentiator of every wedding – the wedding vows.

We know that wedding processes in Singapore are largely the same – they typically comprise a gatecrash, tea ceremony, solemnisation and finally a banquet.

So what makes your wedding uniquely yours?

Well, your wedding becomes personalised with the things you share on your wedding day such as your thank you speeches and more importantly, your very own wedding vows.

Your wedding vows tell the story of you and your partner – what you love about each other, what you have gone through as a couple and how you will continue to support each other in your lives ahead. Your relationship and experiences with your partner are unique and it is something that simply cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Source: Momentold Productions, Wedding Videography Singapore

And if you are going to write your own wedding vows, be sure to find a way that helps you remember them even after your wedding. Overwhelmed by different events happening on the wedding day, many couples forget their vows as soon as their solemnisation is over.

To prevent that from happening, you can choose to jot down your vow on a nicely decorated card that you can keep as a memento. Or if you prefer something more lasting and durable, why not try the hipster route of having your vows engraved on acrylic?

Source: Inkspired Design Studio

These heartfelt words truly come to life when shared with each other during the exchange of vows.

For those who want to look back on this precious, life-changing moment, it would be worthwhile to have a wedding videographer on hand to capture it forever because the words and emotions shared are priceless, and photos alone just cannot do it enough justice.

Momentold Productions is a wedding videography business based in Singapore. With more than five years of videography experience in the wedding industry, we hope to share our observations with couples who are planning for their big day.

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